Sede Amministrativa e Distaccamento Produttivo Arredo Giardino

Via Trivellin, 313
45021 Crocetta di Badia Polesine (RO)
Tel. 0425.1560012
Fax 0425.51230
Distaccamento produttivo Arredo Urbano

Via E.Fermi, 182 - Via Trivellin 313
45021 Crocetta di Badia Polesine (RO)



Bonfante S.r.l. studies the market trends and consumer orientations in order to develop the design stage, which is essential for the creation of the products. We can deal with all technical requirements and, thanks to a manufacturing plant equipped with the latest technologies and a team of experienced and skilled personnel, we can ensure the highest level of quality, functionality and aesthetics.




Bonfante can design and manufacture from the smallest handmade garden ornament to the largest precast structure for urban furniture: all this on request of private customers and of public purchasers.