Sede Amministrativa e Distaccamento Produttivo Arredo Giardino

Via Trivellin, 313
45021 Crocetta di Badia Polesine (RO)
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Fax 0425.51230
Distaccamento produttivo Arredo Urbano

Via E.Fermi, 182 - Via Trivellin 313
45021 Crocetta di Badia Polesine (RO)





The Bonfante brand is acknowledged by the market as synonymous with quality, Italian raw materials and product guarantee, a product manufactured in our Country with the passion and the artisan culture typical of our territory.


For years Bonfante has branded its items under its own trademark, directly embossed on the product or by the application of labels of different materials.


In addition, since 2009 the Company has created some accessories and taps for outdoor use under the logo Bonfante, which are made in co-operation with historical partners of recognized experience and professionalism. These articles are manufactured with first quality metal alloys and through production steps marked by strict controls; features that guarantee a significant level of reliability over time. 


The Bonfante Company has exclusive right over the trademark and right of protection for the trademark with respect to these commercial products; these products, therefore, cannot be copied or sold without prior authorization of Bonfante. This in compliance with international rules.